We have secured a venue for our end of year showcase and we could not be more excited!  As many of our previous parents know, we have traditionally in the past had a large show with over 1000 attendees. Seeing as that is not a possibility at this time, we will be having multiple, smaller showcases (less than 1 hour in length) in the beautiful Event Hall.  We will be limiting how many attendees per family and we will be recording the showcase so the entire family can enjoy the experience. If your child is in multiple classes, there is a possibility of performing in more than one show.  

Here are the details! 

Location:   The Event Hall

                   6152 126th Ave N. 

                   Largo, FL 33773

Dates:         June 6th

                   June 13th

Times:        TBD based on class/level

June 6th

Show #1 (Time TBD)

Monday 5:00PM.       Acro 4/5

Tuesday6:30PM        Latin Fusion Ages 6-9

Tuesday 4:00PM       Acro 2/3

Wednesday 6:30PM Ballet 2-C 

Wednesday 5:00PM Jazz 2-C

Thursday10:00AM   Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 3-4

Thursday 5:00PM    Hip Hop 1-BC

Saturday 9:00AM.    Creative Dance Ages 2-3

Show #2 (Time TBD)

Monday 4:15 PM      Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 5-6

Monday 5:00PM       Hip Hop 1-A

Monday 5:00PM       Ballet 3-BC

Tuesday 10:00AM    Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 3-4

Thursday 9:00AM    Creative Dance Ages 2-3

Thursday 5:00PM    Jazz 3-BC

Wednesday 7:30PM Acro 4/5

Saturday 10:00AM   Acro 1

Saturday 9:00AM     Special Dreamers 1

Show #3 (Time TBD)

Monday 6:00PM        Hip Hop 3-C

Tuesday 4:00PM.      Jazz 2-B

Tuesday 6:30PM       Contemporary 4-C

Wednesday 4:30PM Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 5-6

Wednesday 5:15PM Intro to Hip Hop Ages 3-6

Wednesday 5:30PM Jazz 4-C

Friday 5:00PM          Ballet 4-C/Pointe

Friday 4:00PM.         Ballet 2-B

Friday 5:00PM.         Tap 2-B

June 13th

Show #4 (Time TBD)

Monday 4:00PM        Musical Theatre 10+

Monday 7:30PM        Acro 6/7

Tuesday 5:00PM       Tap 3-C

Wednesday 4:30PM Special Dreamers 2

Thursday 7:00PM     Latin Fusion Ages 10+

Thursday 5:00PM     Acro Pre-Pro

Thursday 6:00PM     Break Dancing 2-BC

Thursday 7:00 PM    Ballet 2-BC

Saturday 10:00AM   Creative Dance Ages 2-3

Show #5 (Time TBD)

Monday 7:00PM       Contemporary 2/3-BC

Tuesday 5:30PM       Lyrical 1-BC

Tuesday 5:30PM       Lyrical 1-A

Tuesday 6:30PM       Tap 1/2-BC

Thursday 4:00PM     Acro 2/3

Friday 4:00PM          Hip Hop 2-B

Friday 5:30PM          Movement Fundamentals

Saturday 9:00AM     Ballet Ages 3-4

Saturday 11:00AM   Ballet Ages 7-8

Show #6 (Time TBD)

Monday 6:00PM         Tap 2-A

​Tuesday 10:00AM      Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 3-4

Tuesday 4:00PM        Ballet 2-A

Wednesday 4:30PM  Jazz 2-A

Thursday 4:00PM      Jazz 1-AB

Thursday 4:00PM      Hip Hop 2-A

Friday 4:00PM           Musical Theatre Ages 6-9

Saturday 10:00AM    Ballet Ages 5-6

Saturday 11:00AM    Tap/Hip Hop Combo Ages 5-6

Saturday 1:30PM      Acro 2/3

1284 County Road 1 Dunedin, FL 34698


(727) 900-6324

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